Contact the staff at RaceME:


    Stanley J. Rintz III  • Publisher
    Account Executive for South Coastal and Western Maine
    207.671.7230 • stan@activitymaine.com

    Ellie Stengel
    Account Executive for Western and Coastal Maine
    207-756-3453 • Ellie Stengel (cdg1@fairpoint.net)

    Betsy Brown
    Account Executive for Central and Northern Maine
    207-649-5657 • betsy@activitymaine.com

    Jim Harnedy
    Account Executive for Machias, Downeast & The Highlands
    207-255-0170 • jharnedy@maineline.net

    Sarah Gahagan
    Account Executive for New Hampshire
    434-426-6127 • segahagan@gmail.com

    Elizabeth Berry MacKenney

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